This site is dedicated in memory of my beloved Tuffy—to honor him and all kitties past and present—and to provide information that will help you in caring for your own kitties. Even though we are currently under construction, we purrsonally invite you to watch our progress. ~ Jules and the Kitty Krew

WhollyCat takes cat care seriously!

At Whollycat we are dedicated to providing quality information. I also have an affiliate Amazon store* that I have filled with products that have been vetted to be kitty friendly. I make it my goal to be a fierce advocate for kitties by educating people about proper nutrition, behavior issues, and any and all things related to our little felines.

I strive to provide a truly holistic and natural approach to cat care, and I dedicate my life to help them have a better quality of life.

Would you like to learn more about keeping your cats healthy and thriving? Would you be open to learning about gentler methods to treat diseases and illnesses, and better ways to feed kitties? Please browse our site and see if we can make a difference in your cat’s life. It’s why we’re here. Kitties are our life!

FACT: Did you know that “holistic” and “natural” can have different meanings to different people, including pet food manufacturers? WhollyCat researches each supplement, herb, food, or treatment in depth to ensure they are safe for kitties. EXAMPLE: Under the guise of ‘holistic’ or ‘natural’ some canned foods, commercial raw, and kibble contain garlic. Although garlic can be beneficial for humans, it should never be fed to kitties! Read more here.


WhollyCat firmly believes in a species-appropriate diet for cats. Cats are obligate (strict) carnivores, their diet needs must be met by feeding real meat — not by-products, grains, fillers, and other unnecessary ingredients that may be harmful to our beloved felines.

  • Our first choice is a balanced raw diet. A balanced raw diet is highly digestible and bioavailable. What this means is, our little carnivore will process the nutrients in the diet very efficiently, with little waste (feces). With an appropriately balanced raw diet, you control what goes into your kitty’s food. For those of you that are open to learning more, click here to read about feeding a balanced raw diet. (Yes, ‘balanced’ is repeated here a few times: There is more to feeding raw than just throwing them a chunk of meat.) :)
  • Our second choice is canned foods using human-grade meats, grain-free, and with natural preservatives. A canned food fitting these parameters is not as digestible and bioavailable as a raw meat protein-based diet, but beats kibble hands down. In the canned foods we recommend we look for added ingredients that are not appropriate for cats (e.g. grains, fruits and veggies, carrageenan, etc.). Caveat: No canned food is purrfect, but we try to weed out the best from the rest.
  • We strongly and emphatically do not recommend feeding kibble (dry food) to kitties! Cats can never consume enough water by drinking it, therefore, they are always in a constant state of dehydration (they don’t have the thirst mechanism like dogs and humans do). You can find more information here.
FACT: Did you know that kitties are physiologically unique in almost all aspects? For their diet, they have certain requirements that need to be met to keep them in optimal health in order to live long, happy, healthy lives. EXAMPLE: Kitties do not have the capability to create taurine, an amino sulfonic acid, from methionine and cysteine, like dogs and humans do. Additional taurine is a must for kitties!

Treatment of Diseases and Illnesses

We believe in the use of gentle, natural, holistic and homeopathic methods for treatment of diseases and illnesses—or used for support—when allopathic (veterinary) drugs must be used. You would be amazed at how many allopathic drugs can have a gentler alternative! Our recommended products reflect this belief, and they’re what we use.

FACT: Did you know that there are very few herbs that are safe for kitties? EXAMPLE: Slippery Elm Bark (SEB) is one of the “good guys” because of its numerous healing properties and uses. It is prepared as a gruel (the consistency of raw egg white) to help treat nausea due to Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), or anytime kitty’s tummy is upset. For uses and how to make, click here.

Are We Finicky?

A resounding yes! We are not your average, run-of-the-mill online “pet” site, blog, and online shop. We have actually used the hand-picked products we recommend and sell! They are cat-specific and already vetted for “un-friendly” kitty ingredients. We are just as finicky as our kitties can be!

Our choice assortment of safe, natural, cat-specific products have been used for over 14 years by a loving, dedicated community of knowledgeable and experienced cat care-givers from the Holisticat Forum, formerly on YahooGroups. Sandy Arora, founder and author of Whole Health for Happy Cats, started Holisticat in 1997; you can also visit Holisticat.com for even more information on cat-appropriate care.

*100% of net proceeds from affiliate links go to help kitties in need.